15 Beauty Tricks of Hollywood’s Most Stunning Beauties of All Time

The glamour, splendor, and beauty of Hollywood have always been unparalleled. Every era has had its unique trends and beauty recommendations, but the charm and attraction of old Hollywood Golden Age glamour will remain an incessant source of inspiration in the world of fashion and beauty forever. Below you will find a list of 15 beauty tricks of some of the most famous, stunning Hollywood actresses of all time. Prepare to be surprised by some of their beauty secrets.

1. Audrey Hepburn’s “Bambi” Lashes

Besides her beautiful smile and perfectly shaped eyebrows, Audrey Hepburn is also known for her long, Bambi eyelashes. She achieved these perfect lashes by applying mascara first, and then separating each individual lash using a pin. Apparently, a steady hand and a couple of minutes of your precious time is the key to clump-free lashes.

2. Sophia Loren’s Glowing Skin

Sophia Loren is one of the most beautiful and most famous movie stars. Both her face and body figure stand for perfection.  This Italian beauty has followed a Mediterranean diet, which is universally recognized as being good for one’s health, all her life. In general, a Mediterranean diet is high in vegetables, fruit, nuts, legumes, cereals, grains, beans, fish, and unsaturated fats, like olive oil. Loren always kept a bottle of olive oil within arm’s reach. She added this precious oil to hot baths to maintain her skin supple, soft, and glowing. So, next time you’re taking a bath, don’t forget to add some olive oil to it and reap its amazing skin benefits.

3. Marilyn Monroe’s Plump Pout

The ultimate Hollywood beauty icon has never ceased to arouse admiration in women, year after year, generation after generation. One of Marilyn’s beauty secrets was her trick to make her lips look bigger, fuller and plump. It has been revealed that the beauty icon asked her makeup artist to use 5 different shades of lipstick and gloss to achieve the desired effect. The makeup artist applied darker red shades on the outer corners of Marilyn’s lips, and lighter hues on the middle of her lips. It seems that a true artist’s hand and skill are needed to do this trick. Nevertheless, you should definitely give it a try.

4. Elizabeth Taylor’s Luminous Skin

This one may not seem as appealing as the previous beauty tricks as it involves shaving – your face. You’ve read it correctly. Elizabeth Taylor was famous for her dazzling beauty and her role as Cleopatra, from whose book she took the advice about shaving her face. Although this technique may sound silly, it actually does wonders to your skin. It eliminates all fine baby hairs as well as the surface layer of skin cells, leaving your skin smooth and luminous.

5. Ingrid Bergman’s Natural Beauty

Ingrid Bergman was a Swedish actress and one of the best actresses from Hollywood’s Golden Era. She was known for her natural and unpretentious beauty, wearing makeup only if required for a role. Nevertheless, one thing she did do was shave a centimeter off of her natural hairline so that her forehead appeared larger. This was not an unusual grooming technique of the time, however.

6. Gloria Swanson’s Healthy Diet

Even back in the days, a healthy diet was quite popular with some people, including Gloria Swanson, one of the most glamorous Hollywood stars. As she revealed for the Weekly World News at the time, one of her “best beauty secrets” was eating raw vegetables and applying them on her skin. She declared that: “As far as [she’s] concerned, there is no beauty product better than raw vegetables.”

7. Grace Kelly’s Perfectly Accentuated Cheekbones

Today’s beauty world is obsessed with contouring, a technique which has become popular thanks to the Kardashians and the rise of Instagram face. However, this technique is not something new. In fact, it has been known and used since the beginning of time. In the time of black-and-white movies, the colors green, red, and white were used by actors and actresses to achieve a contrast and highlight their features on film.

Moreover, the Princess of Monaco herself, made use of blush to accentuate and define her cheekbones. She applied one shade underneath her cheekbones, and a slightly darker one on the apples.

8. Mae West’s Soft Skin

The legendary Mae West was known for her voluptuous figure, sensuality, and irrepressible wit. This Hollywood beauty applied coconut oil on her skin regularly to keep it soft and glowing long before we became aware of this oil’s wide array of skin benefits. Coconut oil is one of today’s wonder oils in skin and hair care. West used it on her face as moisturizer to make her skin luminous.

9. Rita Hayworth’s Lustrous Hair

A healthy, strong, and lustrous hair is one of the greatest assets of a woman’s look. And Rita Hayworth’s wavy red hair was actually her signature. In order to maintain her hair perfectly moisturized and styled, she always practiced the same method. First, she washed her hair thoroughly, and then she applied oil to it, wrapping the oiled hair in a hot towel. She then allowed the oil to work its magic for about 15 minutes, and finally rinsed her hair with hot water and lemon juice to remove any remaining residue. Give it a try. It might do wonders for your hair too!

10. Carole Lombard’s Trick to “Straighten” A Curved Nose

A vivacious beauty, Carole Lombard was one of the most famous and highest-paid American Hollywood actresses. Unfortunately, she was in a car accident which required surgery to her nose. After the surgery, her nose was left slightly curved, which made her start drawing a thin white line on it to make it look straighter, before putting on the rest of her makeup. In addition, another of her beauty secrets was getting enough sleep and drinking sufficient amount of water throughout the day. As she once revealed in an interview, “[she] discovered there was a simple solution to keeping [her] skin perfect in all four seasons – a combination of sleep and at least seven glasses of water daily! Look on the water you drink as a sort of internal bath!”

11. Vivien Leigh’s Secret to Fuller Lips

It seems that plump lips will never go out of fashion. This beauty feature was also very desirable in the Golden Era of Hollywood, making Vivien Leigh, a stunning beauty, insecure about her own pout. She was concerned about the thinness of her bottom lip, so she would use a lip liner to make it appear fuller by drawing outside her natural lip.

12. Marlene Dietrich’s Eccentric Beauty Methods

Marlene Dietrich was a German-American actress and singer, and has remained an everlasting symbol of style and sophistication. This movie star is known for her many beauty tricks, some of which are quite outrageous even for our time. Allegedly, Dietrich had a few of her back teeth removed so that her cheekbones appeared higher and more defined. She also used surgical tape to pull back her hairline and thus give herself a temporary face lift.

13. Bette Davis’s Beautiful Eyes

Bette Davis is considered as one of the greatest actresses in Hollywood history. Other women were jealous of her perfectly clear eyes and no dark circles underneath. However, her secret is simple. She applied cucumber slices to her eyelids every night and massaged petroleum jelly onto the area under the eyes to prevent dark circles. It definitely worked for her, so you should try it too!

14. Greta Garbo’s Dramatic Eye Makeup

Greta Garbo was yet another stunning Hollywood beauty, famous for her signature dramatic eye makeup. Her dramatic look served as an inspiration for many other Hollywood stars, including Marilyn Monroe. In order to achieve a theatrical look, she would apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly over her eyelids, proceed with a neutral skin-toned powder, and blend a dark shade into the crease. She would also apply eyeliner, a combination of jelly and charcoal pigment, on the upper lids and finish with mascara.

15. Gloria Grahame’s “Stuffed” Upper Lip

Another Hollywood actress who was insecure about the fullness of her pout, Gloria Grahame was one of Hollywood’s greatest and most serious actresses. She resorted to a somewhat extreme solution to achieve a plumper lip. She would stuff cotton or wads of tissues between her upper lip and teeth to create a fuller look.

Have you ever tried any of the above-mentioned beauty tricks? If you haven’t heard of them yet, would you try any? Tell us in the comment section.

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