6 Steps to Perfect Feet

Every woman should take care of her feet and make sure that they are soft, silky, and looking great in her favourite shoes. Therefore, here are 6 steps which will help you in the struggle of getting the perfect feet.

1st Step: Revitalising Bath

Remove the nail polish of your toenails and then put your feet in a relaxing, revitalising bath that you made it yourselves. Fill a larger bowl with equal quantities of water and milk, and add a few drops of lavender oil.  A bath with hot water and one or two handfuls of sea salt in it, can also serve the purpose.



2nd Step: Shaping the Nails

Rub in some lotion for hangnails on the roots of your toenails, and remove the thicker skin in that part. Do this with a special wooden tool from your pedicure kit. Shape your nails by using an emery board in order to prevent them from growing in.



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