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The Creators

Hello dear visitors! My name is Maja Gemishova and my boyfriend’s name is Ilija Tanevski. Our current location is Veles, Macedonia (I hope you know where that is, if don’t, find us on Google mapJ). We are both students, but at different universities, I am a student at Ss Cyril and Methodius University, Blazhe Koneski Faculty, Department of English Language and Literature, whereas Ile is a student at Kliment Ohridski University, Department of Informatics. I am 22 years old and Ile is 27. We created this website three months ago out of our desire to be involved in the fashion world and be a part of it.

Fashion & Us…

Fashion spins the world around. We are surrounded with it, we breathe it, we strive for more of it every day, and we simply adore it. Not a single person can deny his/her passion for following new trends and finding a part of themselves, some kind of connection with the new trendy looks. However, you should never be a fashion slave; instead you should incorporate the new trends in your own lifestyle. Every one of us should try to express themselves in their own special way and create their own unique style. We encourage you to be bold and step out of the comfort zone, take risks, be creative and stand out from the crowd, just try to become a better self!

Both Ile and I are really into fashion and we both try to do our best when it comes to putting together an overall look. I love putting pieces of clothes together and creating beautiful combinations, and Ile has his own fashion sense that hasn’t betrayed him so far. Since I was a child I have always admired fashion designers such as Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana and many others. I remember sitting around and designing my own collection of clothes, listing fashion magazines and being inspired. Later on, during my teenage years I also became interested in skincare and started exploring that area fervently.

Why the Website…

This is how Ile and I came up with the idea of starting our own website, where we can share our views on fashion, style, trends, as well as put forward our own idea of what is beautiful and special to us. Our website includes everything we are passionate about. We gather information about the latest fashion trends, beauty advice and the latest news in the showbiz by doing researches on the net, reviewing latest magazines and consulting with people who are experts in these fields. Another thing that is really important to us is adding our own flavor, our own personal touch to our website, as well as covering everything that we are interested in and hopefully you are too. We do try our best to satisfy you (our visitors) by offering a range of different themes and fields to draw useful information from.

What You Will Find…

To create fashion you have to possess a creative mind. People who create fashion possess enormously fruitful imaginations and wonderfully creative minds. These people are artists just as Shakespeare, Picasso, and Mozart. They create art in their own way, leaving their own mark, and paving the way for future generations. In the Fashion category, you will get an insight into the latest fashion trends. Our goal is to present to you the latest achievements of the greatest fashion brands, as well as those aspiring ones, their inexhaustible inspiration and imagination which result in extraordinary creations.

Furthermore, our website is concerned with yet another segment of our daily life- that is beauty. Everybody wants to look gorgeous, to have a flawless complexion and amazing body. Well, if you truly want to succeed in making this happen you will need to follow the advice we offer in the category of Beauty. This category will give you an insight into natural care and how to incorporate it in your beauty routine. Our main goal is to point out all the benefits of natural care and to get you acquainted with the amazing properties that are consisted in the groceries that you buy on a daily level.

Finally, if you are interested in showbiz, celebrities, and their lifestyles, you should visit the Entertainment category. There you will find the latest news about the people who ‘run’ the world, those famous celebrities who do not cease to inspire us.

I hope you will find our website interesting and fun to follow!

Sincerely Yours,

Fashion MG- Style


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