All secrets of red lipstick!

When make-up is concerned, there is one thing that will never go out of fashion and that will always be synonymous with femininity , grace and glamour – of course , we are talking about red lipstick .
However , many women still do not have the courage to wear red lipstick , although for many years it dominates the makeup .

Many make-up artists worldwide will say that red lipstick  is like a mini skirt – and that it can look either very good or very bad. When you wear it, you always have to behave like a lady.

Red lipstick is the one that dictates your behavior , so, when you wear it your responsibilities are very great.


Read below to find out what  make-up artists suggest in case  you should decide to wear a wild red lipstick.

– First , we trace the lips with dark red pencil and easy to drip inside the line ( if you do not want to be like those retro ladies with prominent line of pencil ) . For lips to look full,  shade the lips with the same pencil shade.

– With a pencil in bright red colour roll over a darker line and fill the entire lip area . When lipstick starts to disappear , you will be grateful that you’ve applied lip  pencil.

–  You can apply lipstick  from the packaging , if you consider yourself an adept , but it’s best if you do it with brush . When you apply the first layer, remove the excess by  pressing a handkerchief on your mouth .

– Once you do that, apply another layer of lipstick, but now pat. That way you will not inflict excessive amount that will leave you searching for your teeth.

– If a correction is needed, do it with a lighter shade of red lipstick.

– For the perfect end effect, apply lip gloss a bit colorless, but be careful not to put too much so that you won’t ruin the whole look.

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