Bali, Dubai, Mauritius…The Adventures of The Girl Who Is Leading Her Beloved One Around the World Have No End!

Murad Osmanov, a talented Russian photographer, popular by the name “Murad Osmann,” and Natalia Zakharova, his beloved wife, seem to be the luckiest couple on the planet. They are travelling around the globe, visiting exotic places everyone wishes to witness with their own eyes, and are then gratifying us all with some of the most magical photographs the human eye can witness. In fact, their photos and their recognizable pose have been a true hit for several years on Instagram.

Within the past few months, the happy married couple has travelled to many attractive destinations, among which are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Armenia, Lake Baikal, Mauritius, Bali, China, Taiwan, Moscow, Spain and Bangkok, and the photographs resulting from these adventures are beyond magical.

Moreover, Murad and Natalia are deemed to belong among the top travel influencers in the world. Quite an honor!

Take a look at some of the photos of this beautiful couple that seem out-of-this-world.





























The popular couple, who are the mind behind the project “Follow Me To,” which went viral back in 2012, have also extended their portfolio with unreal photographs inspired by movies and sequels such as “Star Wars,” “It,” and “Game of Thrones,” created in collaboration with other Instagram artists.






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