Barbara Palvin and Kivanc Tatlitug for Mavi Jeans 2013

Mavi Jeans campaign stars model Barbara Palvin and Kivanc Tatlitug . Mavi Jeans is a Turkish brand of denim jeans founded in 1991. Barbara wears the stylish looks of the collection which include a variety of jeans and denim jackets. Celebrities who wear this brand of jeans include Kate Winslet and Chelsea Clinton

Barbara+Palvin+for+Mavi+Jeans+2013 Barbara+Palvin+for+Mavi+Jeans+2013-001 Barbara+Palvin+for+Mavi+Jeans+2013-002 Barbara+Palvin+for+Mavi+Jeans+2013-003 Barbara+Palvin+for+Mavi+Jeans+2013-004 Barbara+Palvin+for+Mavi+Jeans+2013-005 Barbara+Palvin+for+Mavi+Jeans+2013-006 Barbara+Palvin+for+Mavi+Jeans+2013-007 Barbara+Palvin+for+Mavi+Jeans+2013-008.

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