Celebrity Beauty Tips




Miranda Kerr: 

1.     Use lip balm as a shimmery highlighter around your eyes!

New York based makeup artist Stefanie Syat confirms this beauty trick, however she advises to stick to a natural product and not to use lip gloss because it will clog your pores and make the area around your eyes pretty sticky. Just put some natural lip balm on the inner corners of your eyes and you will achieve a fabulous look!

2.     Use a spoon instead of an eyelash curler for a wide-eyed look!

Another beauty trick of Miranda Kerr that actually works great! New York based makeup artist  Patrice Evangeline suggest running the spoon under hot water or giving it a quick blast of the blow dryer for best results. Take the spoon and put it against your eyelashes with the bowl part facing upward. Use your thumb to hold your lashes against the curve and turn upward. You will end up with great eyelashes!

3.     Body Brushing!

Miranda Kerr’s secret for beautiful and glowing skin is body brushing. She claims that it keeps the lymphatic system flowing and makes your skin super smooth.

So, Miranda Kerr’s beauty tips are lip balm for glowing skin and eyes, spoon for curling eyelashes, and body brushing for smooth skin!

Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna:

Cinnamon oil for a plumped-up pout!

Patrice Evangeline encourages us to try this beauty trick, but with caution. She suggest adding a few drops of cinnamon oil to a lip gloss can make our lips a little bit plumper, however she warns us not to expect too much, and always check the oil against a patch of skin to test our reaction to it.


Catherine Zeta-Jones:

Beer for gorgeous hair!

Amy Mrkurnic, a senior colorist at Oscar Blandi Salon in New York, confirms this beauty trick “The alcohol removes any buildup that sits on the surface of the hair,” explains Amy. First, you should shampoo your hair as usual, towel dry, and then massage a cupful of beer into your strands. Cover your hair with a plastic wrap and leave it on for about 5 minutes, then rinse off.  Your hair will be thankful!

Nicole Kidman:

Cranberry juice for red hair, champagne for blonde!

Nicole Kidman’s nourishes her long locks by cleansing them in her favourite drinks. She suggests washing your strands in cranberry juice, if you have red hair, and if you are a blonde  then she suggests you wash your strands in champagne. Kidman claims that this beauty trick works wonders and beauty experts confirm it.

Denise Richards:

Avocado for deep conditioning your hair!

Amy Mrkurnic says that she also does this beauty trick. Furthermore, she adds that this beauty trick could be more effective if we combine the avocado with 1tb of olive oil. Apply the mixture to your strands, avoiding the scalp. Leave it on for about 20 -30 minutes and then rinse. This will result in beautiful and shiny hair!

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