Christian Dior Spring Summer 2014 – Paris Fashion


Christian Dior’s Spring/Summer 2014 catwalk show during Paris Fashion Week was multi-coloured, masterful and ALL about the floral.

The collection was fun, fresh and held up those signature feminine silhouettes a la Dior that make most laugh in the face of their bank balance. Spend and swoon ladies, spend and swoon.


DIO_0046.450x675 DIO_0058.450x675 DIO_0069.450x675 DIO_0080.450x675 DIO_0091.450x675 DIO_0110.450x675 DIO_0117.450x675 DIO_0129.450x675 DIO_0136.450x675 DIO_0145.450x675 DIO_0152.450x675 DIO_0163.450x675 DIO_0172.450x675 DIO_0180.450x675 DIO_0189.450x675 DIO_0197.450x675 DIO_0206.450x675 DIO_0220.450x675 DIO_0225.450x675 DIO_0236.450x675 DIO_0246.450x675 DIO_0252.450x675 DIO_0261.450x675 DIO_0275.450x675 DIO_0282.450x675 DIO_0291.450x675 DIO_0300.450x675 DIO_0309.450x675 DIO_0316.450x675 DIO_0323.450x675 DIO_0336.450x675 DIO_0350.450x675 DIO_0360.450x675 DIO_0371.450x675 DIO_0387.450x675 DIO_0392.450x675 DIO_0405.450x675 DIO_0416.450x675 DIO_0425.450x675 DIO_0436.450x675 DIO_0444.450x675 DIO_0452.450x675 DIO_0461.450x675 DIO_0472.450x675 DIO_0485.450x675

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