Dandelion Root: More Effective than Chemotherapy

Even though our grandmothers, having in mind its healing ingredients, have prepared dandelion syrup,what they didn’t know is that dandelion root can be very helpful to people suffering from cancer. It has been discovered that the root of this plant reportedly works even better than chemotherapy, because chemotherapy kills all cells, while dandelion root kills only those cells that are carcinogenic.

An initial research has been carried out at the University of Windsor, Canada, at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, the results of which spark a new hope for people who have cancer. It has been shown that dandelion root effectively kills carcinogenic cells without causing any harmful side effects onto the rest of the cells.



Dandelion root tea works on the affected cells by making them disintegrate in the course of 48 hours, and as the research showed, during this period of time not a single healthy cell can become sick. It is believed that a continual treatment with dandelion root can eliminate carcinogenic cells in the diseased, and as a result of this unexpected outcome the team of experts received an additional support to continue in their exploration of this plant.

John Carlo, a 72-year-old patient, who has convinced himself in the healing powers of dandelion, had undergone some intense and aggressive chemotherapy treatments and had spent 3 years of medical treatments before he was released from the hospital in order to spend his last days with his dearest ones.

Given that the doctors were struggling to find an effective and functional solution to his health condition and had very few options to do so, they suggested that he drank dandelion root tea as a last resort in the struggle against his disease. After a period of 4 months, this man experienced a remission of his disease, which refers to partial or complete withdrawal of the cancer.

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