The red colour denotes power, passion, attraction, and life. Consequently, Christian Dior has chosen this colour, his favourite one, to mark his new Fall 2013 Collection Rouge Dior. According to Dior, the red colour suits every skin tone, and it can be worn in every period of the day. Every shade of red: crimson, bright red, cherry, scarlet or English red, has it own power.
Natalie Portman stars in Dior’s new ad campaign
Take a look at his collection!

Natalie-Portman-Dior-Rouge-Fall-2013                                                                                                   Rouge-à-lèvres-Dior-Rouge-Automne-2013

Dior-Rouge-Lipsticks-Fall-2013 Lipsticks-Dior-Rouge-Autumn-2013 Dior-Rouge-Fall-2013 Dior-Nail-Polish-Fall-2013-Dior-Rouge Dior-Fall-2013-Rouge-Dior-Collection-2 Dior-Fall-2013-Makeup Dior-Fall-2013-Lip-Liner





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