Fashion Lessons That We’ve Learned from Fashion Icon Brigitte Bardot

France is the country of many fashion icons and one of them is the gorgeous Brigitte Bardot. Her iconic beauty and style have marked an era and are still a well of inspiration for today’s generations. The famous actress has recently turned 81 and for that occasion let’s remind ourselves of some of the secrets of her timeless and iconic style.


Secret No. 1: Sometimes even the simplest combinations are the best!

Brigitte Bardot’s sex appeal never depended on her deep cleavage or was a result of her provocative clothes. She was always a very sexy lady thanks to her body posture that made her look so attractive even when she was wearing the most ordinary bell-bottoms and a t-shirt.



Secret No. 2: Stripes go well with every combination!

The popular Breton shirt (white or beige with dark horizontal stripes) is a piece of clothing synonymous with French fashion. Brigitte always wore it with short or long pants in all colours.


Secret No.3: If anyone should be credited for the popularity of ballet flats, that should definitely be Brigitte.

In 1956, the actress requested the French fashion brand Repetto to create a special pair of shoes resembling the shoes worn by ballet dancers. The French shoemaker Rose Repetto revived the production of ballet flats by creating the classic “Cendrillon” shoe at Brigitte’s request for her to wear it in “…And God Created Women.” Today, ballet flats are very popular and adored by many women around the world.

brigitte_bardot_en_ballerine_dor_ Repetto-Brigitte-Bardot-large

Secret No.4: During the 60’s and 70’s Brigitte was very recognizable for her hair and makeup.

She had long tousled blonde locks that were either held up with a silk ribbon to create a half-up hairstyle or gathered in a messy bun. She wore her hair middle parted and was famous for her beautiful curtain bangs and her beehive. As for her makeup, it was always simple. Her signature was the thick winged eyeliner flick, which is still one of the most popular looks today.

Brigitte-Bardot-beautiful-bb-Half-Up-Bowjpg Brigitte-Bardot-Hair-2 Beautiful-Bardot-Hairstyle-Half-Up-Curtain-Bangs brigitte-bardot-headband Brigitte-Bardot-60s-Fashion (1)brigitte

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