Fashion suggestions in snowy white color

If you want to wear white this winter , please wear it , do not be concerned about the outdated rules of a women that you should not wear white in winter .
It tells the greatest fashion designers , they think white is perfectly acceptable in winter fashion .
This color was observed strong influence in the shows of Celine, Mulberry I Giambattista Vali representing perfect white garments in different shades .

From ivory to creamy white shades . The secret lies in choosing the fabric and texture of the materials that make a perfect contrast.

Cotton, linen and canvas certainly inappropriate act during the cold months . But , in white cashmere , wool , silk and leather perfect act .

Contrary to misleading fashion rules , white shoes continue its way , so expect to see plenty of white boots as the latest trends .

Boldly Combine white and enjoy the white snow of winter .

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