Get a new body in 28 days by doing this 4-minute exercise!

If you want the body of a supermodel follow these morning instructions!


Accept the challenge together with thousands people worldwide and bring your body in a perfect shape! Plank is one of the most efficient exercises for strengthening the middle part of your body. It probably seems as a very simple exercise to beginners, so they simply skip doing it. This kind of exercise melts the fat and strengthens back and stomach muscles as well as the muscles in your butt,arms and legs.


If you want to have a supermodel body, follow these morning rules: Instructions:

Plank is actually an exercise for endurance in the upper position of the push-ups, and the muscle’s work is very similar as their work during the push-ups. Plank promotes core muscle strength.


The plank-challenge lasts for 4 weeks and the plank exercises gradually last longer and longer each time.  The initial timing is only 20 seconds and the final aim is achieving 4-minute continuous /uninterrupted plank. In the final phase your body will be ready for even bigger challenges and your muscle weight will be increased.


The most important part of this exercise is the right position of doing it. When you push yourself up using your hands and support your body on your toes it is crucial to bring the upper part of your body in a flat line.



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