“H & M” for men: Fall 2013

The new men’s autumn collection “H & M” includes everything needs of a modern man , as the good suits and blazers , slim – fit trousers and stylish sweaters .
The brand not only offers garments that you warm on cold autumn days , but allow without much effort to look cool and fashionable .

Fabrics , colors and patterns play a major role in the collection , cotton , wool and skin are combined with luxurious satin detail, and each piece has a texture that completely fits with this time of year .

As for the colors that dominate , is available a rich palette of brown and dark red tones .

mazi-hm-01 mazi-hm-02 mazi-hm-03 mazi-hm-04 mazi-hm-05 mazi-hm-06 mazi-hm-07 mazi-hm-08 mazi-hm-09 mazi-hm-10 mazi-hm-12

akses-g2 akses-g3 akses-g4 cevli-hm-1


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