How to deal easily with curly hair?

If you suffer from curly and messy hair that the only solution is the tail , worth a try to fix it at home .

hair drier

To start, select a shampoo without sulfate , the ingredient that increasingly destroys the natural oils of the hair and scalp and cause dryness .

After you wash your hair , be sure to soak up the liquid to the dry towel . Wait a few minutes before you turn the blower .

Apply protection against drying tops and mask that reduces electricity. Finally , you can spend a little hair with acidic water , and re- wrapped in the towel .

The low pH value of acidic water reduces the folding and makes hair shiny and soft .

When I arrived at drying hair , use a large round brush hair . Invest in comb that will let you snap hair .

Dry the hair of peaks in the middle , well stretched the comb and hold the dryer about 10 cm distance . Depending on the volume and density of the hair , repeat the procedure as needed .

Finally , do not be afraid to use the bow hair sprays or hair restraint . Proprskajte small amount of hair brush and comb . Do not overdo the amount , because it may have just the opposite effect !

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