How to Make Your Makeup Last All Day


Have you ever asked yourself how to retain your makeup for a whole day? Surely you have experienced coming back home and noticing that your makeup has magically disappeared. If you have this kind of problem, then check these useful tips on how to make your makeup long lasting.

Makeup Base

Making your makeup last for a whole day starts with applying a good base before doing your makeup. You should always start with cleansing your face, then applying some concealer, and a good foundation. This will help you in making your makeup last longer.

Blush & Powder Foundation

The blush and the powder foundation should be applied in several coats. By applying them several times a day, your makeup will remain fresh. However, we advise you not to put too much of them, because in that way you’ll end up getting the opposite effect.

Eye shadow

The key in maintaining the freshness of eye shadow for a whole day is also in the makeup base. Do not forget to apply powder foundation or concealer on your eyelids, before applying eye shadow.

Hairspray for long lasting makeup

Another useful trick, which many women use in order to make their makeup long lasting, is hairspray. After you have applied makeup to your face, take a bottle of hairspray, hold it to a certain distance, and spray out your face. Remember, a very thin coat of hairspray is more than enough to help in making your makeup last longer.

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