How to prepare St John’s wort Oil

st john's wort oil

           For the preparation of St John’s wort oil, you will need some fresh St John’s wort flower buds that are only 30% open, some olive oil, and one medium sized jar. First, you should fill the jar with flower buds almost to the top, and then pour the olive oil into it. After staying for 40 days, the mixture should get a cherry colour, and the oil should be squeezed out. St John’s wort oil has a wide range of usages. It can be used as a sunbathing lotion, which will protect your skin from the harmful sun rays, as a mouthwash in order to eliminate bacteria from your oral cavity, as well as to stop or prevent your gums from bleeding, and as a natural means for soothing skin burns. In conclusion, this oil should have a place of honour in every home due to its usefulness.

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