Kiwi Home Spa Treatment

Kiwi is an interesting and useful fruit for those who want to relieve facial wrinkles and preserve the elasticity of the skin. This exotic fruit is rich in vitamin C, that is one Kiwi a day is more than enough to cover the daily needs of this vitamin.

The high amount of vitamin C regenerates the skin, therefore the kiwi mask is recommended for those who are over 25, the age when the amount of collagen and elastin in the skin starts decreasing.There are several different ways about how to prepare masks from kiwis.



An effective mask is the one with fresh kiwi circles placed on the entire face. It is sufficient to leave it for about 10 minutes to operate and you’ll notice a huge change. After you have experienced the benefits of this mask, you must rinse your face with lukewarm water mask and apply a nourishing cream.You can even make a mixture of mashed kiwi and half a banana. Great food for the skin, which needs to work only about 15-20 minutes before you rinse your face.

               Kiwi together with honey, are also a winning combination for those who want to keep their skin soft and supple. Sticky and delicious mask that is able for only about 10 minutes to achieve the desired effect.

               The exotic mask of kiwi, olive oil, and coconut butter, not only smells great, but it also provides the skin with enough nutrients for the coming week. All in all, we reached a conclusion that one such treatment, which lasts only about 15 minutes, on a weekly basis is sufficient to save our youthfulness.




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