Luxury woven into a Country Landscape: Jennifer Bianchi by Daniela Rettore

Beautiful model Jennifer Bianchi plays the role of a luxurious rich girl who lives in the countryside in Daniela Rettore’s splendid editorial. The photo shoot takes us on a journey to the natural home of all manhood – the countryside – where stillness and natural beauty are reigning. The contrast that arises from the plain, simple and ordinary country setting, and the glamourous and extravagant look of the model, makes this photo shoot one-of-a-kind. Alessandra Macria has expressed her amazing styling vision through stunning evening dresses, denim pieces, and white button-downs decorated with exquisite jewelry. The beautifully accentuated eyes with bold eye-shadows and the full, rich wine lips, which add up to the splendid look of Jennifer, are the masterpiece of Elena Pivetta, whereas the amazing voluminous and wild hairstyles, complemented by colourful headscarves, are a result of Ana Rodriguez’s exceptional work. Get ready to start the marvelous journey through this rich girl’s everyday life in the countryside!


jennifer1 jennifer2 jennifer3 jennifer4 jennifer5 jennifer6 jennifer7 jennifer8 jennifer9





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