Miley Cyrus for “Harper’s Bazaar”

Harper’s Bazaar has chosen Miley Cyrus, “the heroine of young people,” for their September issue. In the photo shoot, whose author was Terry Richardson, Miley was wearing haute couture dresses. At the same time pictures were taken in different styles: one of these photos represents the singer as a glamourous lady sitting on a motorcycle, while others show luxurious dresses against the gates of the ancient castle, or a building with columns. In the issue’s interview Cyrus admitted that at one time she was “literally obsessed with the Olsen sisters’ style’, but” recently she has found herself and her new lifestyle is ‘totally organic’.” In addition, the actress said that she recently became involved with junk food, while earlier she favoured only healthy food. “It’s time to stop,” – said Miley, and we support her desire to continue on the right path.

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