Natural Lip Balm- Make It Yourselves


                If you want to take care of your lips naturally, then here’s beauty expert Karen Gilbert’s recipe for an amazing natural lip balm. Why put chemicals on your lips, when you can protect them with totally natural products made by yourselves, am I right?

                Here’s the recipe:

               Out of the following ingredients you will fill 4 small jars.

               To prepare your homemade natural lip balm you will need the following ingredients:

               10g cocoa butter

               10g beeswax

               15g shea butter

               1 tsp. hemp oil

               4tsp. almond oil

               2 tsp. honey

               This lip balm is called hemp & honey lip balm. First, you should melt the beeswax, shea and cocoa butters, as well as the almond oil in a double boiler. Next, you should add the hemp oil and honey to the previous mixture, then stir gently until the mixture becomes liquid. Afterwards, you should remove the mixture from heat and pour it into a jug. The honey is not totally dissolved at this stage, therefore you should blend the mixture with a milk frother so that it becomes totally mixed and the consistency is thicker but still pourable. Finally, divide the mixture into four small jars and leave to set.



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