PHOTO: In the closet of Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr has not disappointed their own fans. Without exception always seems arranged from head to toe and ready to stand before the cameras, whether on a walk with his son Flynn on runways or exotic location for shooting fashion editorials.

If you are wondering what to wear Kerr loves in Your Spare Time, the answer is hiding in her closet. When you consider the fact that this year it stood at second place najplateni models in the world, it is clear that 30-year-old beauty from Australia can not afford much.

For “The Coveteur” she opened her closet and expose them through the home favorite pieces of clothing , and additional shared some secrets for care .

” When I feel tired , I put pieces of fresh and cold cucumber on my eyes to calm down and refresh . Also , weekly sleep with organic coconut or olive oil as a hair treatment – nurtures the scalp and leaves hair super shiny ! ”
” When I have a bad hair day, I tie  myhair in pig tails or low braided knit … If you fail it, reach for the hat! ”

“I have a pretty round face, I feel that the form of glasses” cat eyes “to balance it

” I have a pretty round face , I feel that the form of glasses ” cat eyes ” to balance it . ”


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