Simple Tips for Eyeliner Application That Every Woman Should Know

Applying eyeliner is not as simple as it seems since it requires a steady hand and utmost precision.

This is why you should learn a few tips on how to perfectly apply your eyeliner. Let’s begin!

  • In order for your eye makeup to last longer, it is recommended to apply some eyeshadow in the same color as you eyeliner on top of the eyeliner. First apply the eyeliner and then apply a thin layer of eyeshadow over it.
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  • Make a light eyeshadow even more impressive by applying a white eyeliner underneath. Thus you’ll create a perfect base that will help you emphasize the color of the eyeshadow you are using.
  • Make your own eyeliner with the help of an eyehsadow and an eyeshadow or eyeliner brush. Wet the brush and then apply the eyeshadow. This way you’ll achieve the sharpness of an eyeliner.
  • Use white eyeliner to accentuate the shape of your eyes by applying it under your eyebrows and above them. This will help you to define your eyebrows in the best possible way.
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