Slow down Skin’s Biological Clock

Even though aging is a natural process, which cannot be avoided, we all want to stay young and maintain our skin’s youthful appearance as long as we can. Therefore, try to keep to these useful advice and your skin will thank you with its youthfulness.



Regular and optimal hydration triggers an oxidative process in your skin that is very important in the neutralization of free radicals. If you don’t provide your skin with enough moisture, all little wrinkles will be more visible and your skin won’t be able to regenerate itself. This is why you should always keep yourself hydrated and the best way to do that is by drinking enough water. Drink your 8 glasses of water and your skin will glow!


With the passing of the years, the skin regeneration process slows down and layers of dead skin cells build up on skin surface. Consequently, the complexion loses its youthful glow and colour. Exfoliating your skin at home at least twice a week, is a very effective and safe way to get rid of the dead skin cells that have built up on your skin surface, as well as to bring back the freshness to your complexion. By removing the dead skin cells layers, it will be easier for your skin to receive all the useful ingredients from cosmetic products.


Not only is the skin around your eyes thinner than the skin in other parts of your body, but it is also exposed to a higher degree of damage. For starters, stop rubbing your eyes, because every time you do that you risk breaking the soft blood vessels located in this area, which will result in darkening and thickening of skin, as well as losing its glow.


Avoiding oils either in food, or skin care, is a bad move. The beneficial oils of fish oil, avocado oil, linseed oil, and evening primrose oil, contain a high level of linoleic acid, which enables skin to produce components that maintain its moisture. Besides these magnificent oils, you should try to include fruit and vegetables in your diet, as well as in your beauty routine, and thus you’ll provide your skin with antioxidants, which are crucial when it comes to having healthy and youthful skin.


For years now, this effective and safe natural substance, which is present in our bodies, is one of the main ingredients in anti-aging creams. It is scientifically proved that this substance reduces the appearance of small wrinkles, it hydrates skin intensively, and it has anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, choose a day cream and a night cream that contain hyaluronic acid and you’ll notice the difference.


We don’t want to lecture you, therefore read these facts and decide on your own. The smoke of cigarettes destroys the collagen and elastin found in skin, causes more wrinkles, and it enlarges your skin pores. Wine may be beneficial for the heart, but more than one glass of alcohol increases the level of inflammatory substances in the blood. Some scientists believe that too much sugar can interrupt the organism’s ability to restore the collagen’s supplies. All in all, we hope that you got our message and that you’ll do your best to avoid these awful habits that threaten your skin youthfulness.





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