Special Lip Care


            Lips need special care. To stay soft and gentle, they must be constantly hydrated. Take these few interesting tips. 

           Cracked skin on lips can be removed by using a soft, dry toothbrush. Take the toothbrush and gently rub your lips with it, then put some lip balm to keep them moisturized. Regeneration of the skin of the lips is not the same as the regeneration of the skin of the body. To maintain the skin of your lips smooth and soft, you must nurture it every day. Using moisturizer is more appropriate response to it, rather than using a lip conditioner. Balm can protect lips from external conditions but not to hydrates. One bad habit that has a contribution to making the skin on the lips dry is lip licking. Therefore you should avoid licking your lips, because it does not hydrate your lips, on the contrary it dries them.  Use a lip conditioner without taste and smell, because flavoured lip products tempt you to lick your lips and thus they will become dry. Lips are also an important area that needs to be nurtured and protected from the sun. The funds for this type of care can be found in the form of lip balm. If you require a product to protect your lips, look for a product that will best suit the skin. You can find in the manual of each product what it offers (e.g. anti-aging, protection against UV rays, hydration, etc.). Carefully read the manual of each product and avoid those that contain alcohol and acids, because these will further dry your lips. The choice of lipstick should be careful. Choose hydrating lipsticks that not only look good, but also protect the skin from getting dry.

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