The Ideal Way to Mend a Broken Fingernail

If you are constantly trying to keep your fingernails nourished and long, you must be familiar with the problem of having your fingernails broken or cracked. Next time your fingernail cracks you won’t have to cut it right away and shape it for hours, because we offer you a great solution!


All you need is one teabag, and two nail polishes, one of which is in neutral colour and the other one in a stronger, bright colour.


First Step

Empty the teabag, and cut a small piece of it, two times smaller than your fingernail.



Second Step

Apply some transparent nail polish on your cracked fingernail, and before it goes dry, stick the piece of teabag paper on it. Leave the nail polish to dry itself completely



Third Step

Finally, apply your favourite nail polish. Repeat the whole process till your fingernail grows long enough and then cut it.


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