Top 10 most expensive bags

Top 10 most expensive bags that are available through internet sales. Bottega Veneta – Knot Silver Box
Envelope purse made ​​of silver, the price is 7,000 euros.



9th Paco Rabanne – Le69 Iconic
This small black purse decorated with striking silver pendants deify numerous stars. Its market price is 7,650 euros.



8th Louis Vuitton – MM
When we talk about luxury handbags, the logo of this brand can never go unnoticed. Handbag made ​​of python skin is one of the most expensive models, and price is 7,600 euros



7th Fendi Adele 1328
Leather Canadian model covered with  marten of fur, and the price is amazing and Euro 8870 euros



6th Saint Laurent – Medium Lulu
Envelope bag made ​​from alligator skin, and the cost is staggering and 10,100 euros



5th Lanvin – Arpege Perfume
Unusual small purse that resembles a perfume bottle, which is designed exactly for their perfume. The price is 11,800 euros and



4th Ralph Lauren – Ricky Bag
Trendy handbag with classic model, made ​​of alligator skin, and believe it or not cost 20,000 euros



3rd Gucci Soft – Stir Up
Italian house known for its excellent treatment of skin boasts a crocodile skin bag whose price is 24.100 euros



2.Saint Laurent – Sac De Jour

Another model of the fashion giant made ​​of alligator leather. The price and the bag with simple lines is staggering 26,500 euros


The Row – Day Luxe Tote
The most expensive purse available on the internet is made ​​of alligator skin. Decorate is  simple but price  is 29,000 euros



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