Versace Fall/Winter 2014 Milan Fashion Week

Donatella Versace’s Fall Winter 2014 collection closed day three of Milan Fashion Week. The collection offers simple and clean looks, as well as more bold and ornate ones.  The designer said she “wanted to explore a woman’s sensuality with this collection.” Trapeze coats, leather tuxedos, intarsia cocktail gowns, and powerful fur coats are all part of the collection. Jackets, dresses, and pantsuits embellished with military details, frogging, fringed epaulettes and ceremonial buttons, stand out as the essential trends put forward by this designer. The collection is simply stunning, so take a look at the images below and see for yourselves!


VER_0045.450x675 VER_0073.450x675 VER_0085.450x675 VER_0105.450x675 VER_0125.450x675 VER_0161.450x675 VER_0181.450x675 VER_0197.450x675 VER_0227.450x675 VER_0249.450x675 VER_0287.450x675 VER_0319.450x675 VER_0335.450x675 VER_0355.450x675 VER_0379.450x675 VER_0415.450x675 VER_0429.450x675 VER_0451.450x675 VER_0487.450x675 VER_0507.450x675 VER_0529.450x675 VER_0545.450x675 VER_0561.450x675 VER_0571.450x675 VER_0591.450x675 VER_0607.450x675 VER_0653.450x675 VER_0661.450x675 VER_0693.450x675 VER_0713.450x675 VER_0737.450x675 VER_0763.450x675 VER_0805.450x675 VER_0819.450x675 VER_0849.450x675 VER_0861.450x675 VER_0881.450x675 VER_0903.450x675 VER_0933.450x675 VER_0959.450x675 VER_0975.450x675 VER_0999.450x675 VER_1013.450x675 VER_1035.450x675 VER_1051.450x675 VER_1073.450x675 VER_1109.450x675

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