Summer, the precious sunny season we all like the most, has entered Nature’s kingdom and occupied the throne reaching its highest peak step by step. It is the season of holidays, discovery of new destinations, having fun and partying 24/7. Along with all the positive things that summer offers us, however, there are a few negative ones. During this season we try to stay out as much as possible in order to embrace all the delights of the summery weather and nobody is to blame for it, because we all are aware that ‘sun + water + fun’ is the winning combination. However, by exposing ourselves to the harmful sun rays, swimming in pools whose water contains chlorine and swimming in the salt water of seas, we contribute to the process of hair and skin damage. Therefore, in order to prevent the harmful effect of the sun’s harmful UV rays, as well as the chlorine and salt contained in the water, and thus preserve our beautiful hair and skin, we offer you a few simple, but useful tips on how to protect your hair and your skin during the summer season. Hope you will make use of these tips and spend an enjoyable and exciting summer!!!

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